Crowd Shot casts talent for TV, films, commercials and print. With casting credits in such blockbusters as Iron Man 3, Monster, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, CS has a tried and true record in the industry for efficiently doing what it takes to make a production successful from Miami to LA. However, casting is a tricky business… its one part analytical tracking of talent attributes and skills, one part logistically expertise managing timetables for production deadlines and talent availability, and one part subjective art understanding client vision and needs in fulfilling both. Needless to say, excellent casting agents are a rare commodity, and consequently, their time is precious.


Given the unique and time restrictive nature of the casting industry, automating the capture, retention, and tracking of talent, as well as the simplification of casting process to facilitate customer needs is vital to Crowd Shot.  To that end, Sveltecraft has built quite a few capabilities into the Crowd Shot website.   From the front end, prospective talent can register to be contacted if they fit casting requirements in the area.  From the administrative back end, CS agents can administer jobs, initiate talent searches, email blast prospective talent to get availability updates, provide updates to/from talent, manage on-site casting calls, and manage AP/AR based on job execution.   All of these capabilities are available real-time to any CS agent anywhere around the world! Allowing teams to operate remotely and efficiently leverage their assets and personnel at all times.  



Svelte Craft provides on time, on demand customer driven services. 

Jared is always professional and the product he built for us continues to generate profits.

- Jennifer Conrader, Owner,  Crowd Shot Casting





Coach Crafters is a bus service center specializing in reconditioning public transit vehicles in the southeast.   CC can take an older bus that is ready for replacement and make it as good or better than when it can out of the factory for a fraction of what a new bus costs.  It’s a niche business model that services a wide area with complex support and communication challenges. What parts can be replaced? What parts need to be fabricated, can an engine be repowered, or must it be replaced?  These are just a few questions that need to be evaluated and quickly communicated to customers all over the southeast and approved in turn in order to guarantee skilled mechanics are utilized to the fullest.    It is a tricky ballet that can easily keep a handful of skilled personnel  on the phones for most of the day instead of progressing repairs.


SvelteCraft accepted the challenge.  In response, we did a facelift of their customer facing website, swapping the site to a LMS so their teams could more easily manage their online content instead of being billed for every tweak or change.  In addition, Sveltecraft built out a customer info portal into the LMS to allow each customer a direct view into each of their ongoing (and past) restorations, including updates, photos, and approval requests for information.  This seamless approach to restoration management provides each customer with unparalleled customer service in the industry, as well as frees up CC staff to further expedite deliveries, anticipate problems, and acquire new contracts without unnecessary additional overhead costs. 



Anything is possible! 


Jared took the time to learn about  our business so that he could ensure we were going to get the website we needed. Our the client center has been a real hit with our customers and helps us streamline the updates for them. It really makes us stand out from our competition!


-Johnna MqQuinn, Sales & Marketing Manager


Our Sunday Visitor is a publisher of books and magazines specializing in catholic belief and lifestyles.  OSV was founded in 1912 by John F Noll.  During a recent expansion, OSV began publishing catholic textbook curriculum.  Curriculum publishing is unlike any other type of publishing in that the content of the book often times needs to cover and support specific educational standards in order to be of instructional use.  The development educational text often requires the development of what is called a ‘book map’, a flexible representation of how the book will be laid out and what content will be in it.  A book map can often be in flux up until shortly before a book is published so the accurate management of it is vital to the successful publishing of a text.    Without a technical method to develop these book maps, OSV would lose thousands of manpower hours a year, significant development flexibility and negatively impact book delivery schedules.

Unfortunately, since curriculum development is such a specialized form of publishing, there are very few software solutions available that provide the necessary flexibility and capabilities OSV needed.  In general, most the big publishing houses develop their own software to build and manage book maps for their text books. 

In enters Cartographer. The SvelteCraft team built a web-based book mapping system that allowed concurrent users to develop, manage, generate and lock down book maps quickly and effectively.  To date, Cartographer has been an integral part of the OSV textbook publishing process and has been in active use for over 4 years, accounting for 10s of thousands of saved manpower hours as well as a more nimble and effective publishing team.

Vangie Berry Signature Realty is one of the premier privately owned real estate agencies in Central Florida.  Vangie and her team came to SvelteCraft because they wanted a website that could not only present home listings with extensive search capabilities, but also allow them to add and manage content that would better service their customer needs.  Vangie prides herself on going that ‘extra-mile’ for her customers, so finding info for the next local craft fair, the 7 day forecast, or the best local price for gas  can regularly be found on her site.


Keeping in line with Vangie’s vision, the SvelteCraft team built out a clean, easy to use website implementing an automated synchronization with the Central Florida MLS.  In addition,  the website was built on the Joomla LMS allowing  all content management of the site to be handled by the internal Office Manager.  This approach kept overhead costs down for VBSR while allowing them all the flexibility they needed to personally service their customers every need.